Decorative Hardware

After you've put it all together... After you've got your cabinets and door styles and colors all picked out... when it's all starting to

take shape... That's when it's time to look at the little things... the things that make it pop! Things that

set it off and set it apart... That's when you start looking for hardware.


It's the little thing that makes a statement all by itself.

It can "complete" your cabinetry,... finese your design,... The right hardware can make your kitchen, your bath or your built-ins

stand out like nothing else. The right hardware draws attention to and complements your cabinets in a way that makes people

look twice. If that's the kind of look you want, then it's time to look to Jeffrey Alexander.

Kitchen Design Central is an authorized ship-direct dealer for Hardware Resources, the home of Jeffery Alexander Collectiuons.

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